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LDAP Web Service
A Web Service that authenticates and peforms searches against Active Directory. All results are returned as primitive types or generics, allowing consumption by systems other than those that are .NET based.

Visual Studio 2005 - ASP.NET 2.0

This Web Service exposes Microsoft Active Directory for authentication of users or specific queries into LDAP.

The following methods are currently exposed...

AuthenticateUser(string username, string password) RETURNS Boolean
- Authenticates a user to active directory

AuthenticateUserToGroup(string username, string groupname) RETURNS Boolean
- Verifies that a user is a member of an AD group

GetUserGroupMembership(string username) RETURNS List<string>
- Returns a generic list of all the groups the user is a member of

GetUserFullName(string username) RETURNS string
- Returns the full name of the user

Search(enum property, string propertyValue) RETURNS Array Of LDAPSearchResult
- Returns the properties of the searched for users as well as the user's manager all the way up the organization

You must have a "bind" account specified in the config file, as well as the location of your AD server. The "Bind" account can typically be any Active Directory user account.

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