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Search method Upgrade request

Apr 29, 2009 at 1:56 PM

First of all i would like to express my gratitude for developing the application, It works together as a charm with infopath! My only concern is that i could not retrive some data whats essential for my form. This fields are email, fax, office and company fields. I'm guessing that somehow modifing the return array would do the trick but I'm an MCSE not a developer. Right now I'm bulding an InfoPath "Phone book" to intoduce my users  the idea of using infopath and to get ride of the old SQL based program and use AD as data source (1/2 administration). 
I'm working in the local civil service this way this request servs no commercial value, thats why i'm asking to anyone who knows how to  make the necessary modification please help. Thank you!

Thank you for reading my Post!

P.s.:Did not know wheter to post to Discussions or Issue Tracker so I posted to both place. Admins: please erease it from the bad pleace.